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About us

We’re Carmen and Enrique, a young couple with a taste for role playing games, fantasy, and comics – what for some strange reason we call “freaky” in Spain and the English-speaking world calls “geek”. That’s why we like designs for geeky things. Since almost all of today’s virtual stores are expensive and their products only meet specific tastes, one day we thought we would open our own virtual store for people like us who like geek – but we would be different. We would take it seriously. So we’re taking advantage of the nasty little economic crisis that’s strangling almost all of us, and since most of us dream of trying to make a living from what we enjoy doing, we decided to go with a project whose central idea is selling cool, cheap, quality tee shirts. You might ask, how can we do this? And if we can, why can’t everyone?

We really can’t answer for everyone, but we can say that the trick lies in the fact that our tee shirts are made only after a customer asks for them, not before. Our tee shirts are almost handcrafted, and although you might not think so, this makes them cheaper because we don’t have to keep any stock on hand. Understand that when you pay for a tee shirt bought at a different virtual store, you’re not only paying for your tee shirt, you’re paying for a portion of the tee shirts already made but not sold, and the rent, light, and water for the place where they’re stored.

Another trick is that our designs are made with vinyl, a high-quality material that can withstand endless washing, but has the “disadvantage” of needing to be made almost one by one. This is no disadvantage for us – just the opposite – but other stores prefer to make theirs in batches, and it’s more practical for them to use a “transfer” process. This is lower quality, but the costs go down as the orders get bigger. That’s why most virtual stores use this technique and make hundreds and thousands of tee shirts at a time in different colors and sizes, and they can also deliver your order almost the day after you’ve made your purchase, as long as they have it in stock. But, obviously, for a tee shirt with your design, even if it’s cheaper to make, they have to charge more because they have to compensate for the expense of the shirts they can never sell.

That’s why selling cool, quality, cheap tee shirts is no magic trick.

We have one more other big advantage. We can have all the designs we feel like, since they only occupy space on our web page. We say again: we have no stock, and this also lets you, our customers, send us your own designs and we can make your tee shirts for you, since it’s the same amount of work for us to make a shirt with our own design or with yours.

We hope you’ll enjoy our tee shirts, and LONG LIVE THE GEEKYS!