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Time of delivery

At Geeky Tee Shirts we lack of stock, by what we manufacture t-shirts once the order has been formalized. This lowers cost for customer and gives us an extra work to us, which we do with love, but is an additive of time which we hope the customer knows understand, because our t-shirts not you can find them anywhere else, providing certain exclusivity to the product.

By this we mean the customer that Geeky Tee Shirts is not like other stores t-shirts, they need only get product from a shelf in a box and send it, but we work carefully on each of the t-shirts that we manufacture and this entails more time, so the customer must understand that product reach your home between one and three weeks after having requested, depending on whether you live in the Iberian Peninsula or on the other side of the world, since we must also add shipping  times.